Tendon Pain

Tendons are structures that connect muscle to bone. They are responsibile for allowing movement and shock absorption. Pain in these structures can be quite common and can be the result of a specific injury causing the fibres to tear. More commonly, tendons can be injured from overload, particularly in the ''post 40's'' population.

Common sites for tendon pain include the:

·      Achilles

·      Patella (below kneecap)

·      Hamstring

·      Rotator Cuff (shoulder)

Tendon pain is often persistent and therefore can often take some time to resolve. Current research shows that degenerative injured tendons dislike rest and instead respond well to a progressive loading program.

Therefore, it is crucial to be assessed and managed by a physio to assist in reducing tendon pain and to improve function. We are able to treat the entire spectrum of tendon pain ranging from

·      Minor Tears

·      Complete Tendon Rupture

·      Tendinopathy



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