Headache & Migraines

There are many different forms of headache and migraine. More often or not there can be a dysfunction with your upper neck that is associated with triggering you headache and migraine. For some people, headache and migraine can make day to day activities difficult to perform.

Symptoms may include

·      Nausea

·      Vomiting

·      Light sensitivity

·      Sound sensitivity

·      Affected vision

·      Numbness in face or hands/feet

There is an associated clinic with Exact Physiotherapy, Sydney Headache Clinic. This is a specialised clinic targeted towards the treatment and management of chronic headache and migraines.

We have a proven track record in getting results for our patients, some of which have had chronic headache migraines for over 10 years. 

To learn more about our specialised clinic, please contact us on 9819 7433

Please note the fee structure is different.

Sydney Headache Clinic





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