Shockwave therapy is applied through a hand piece, which transmits high pressure radial mechanical waves through the skin to the underlying tissues.


This will

·      Decrease inflammation

·      Stimulate new blood vessel growth in damaged tissues

·      Generate cell reproduction and growth.

This ultimately results in a decrease in pain and dysfunction. Post shockwave, the body's metabolic and natural healing process continues to occur stimulating further tissue repair and leading to a further reduction in symptoms.

There are several musculoskeletal conditions that have a good effect with shockwave therapy. Strong research has confirmed their value, however please note that this treatment is always used as part of a multi-modal treatment plan.

·      Heel Pain

·      Plantar Fasciitis

·      Tennis Elbow

·      Calcified Tendinopathy

·      Gluteal Tendinopathy

·      Patella Tendinopathy

·      Achilles Tendinopathy

·      Hamstring Tendinopathy

·      Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Patients usually require a month of treatment, once a week to give the tissue healing its best chance. Most often there will be an associated gradual tendon loading programme along with the shockwave sessions. This is recgonised as best practice.



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