Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries occur when a muscle is unable to stretch any further under load causing it to tear. Muscle injuries can also be related to a sudden blow or repetitive loading. The severity of muscular injuries varies and as a result the timeframe and rehabilitation process also varies. Tear injuries are generally categorised into 3 categories


·      Grade 1 (Mild)

·      Grade 2 (Moderate)

·      Grade 3 (Severe)


Our physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing muscular related injuries and setting realistic management plans and strengthening programs.

Physiotherapy is beneficial and can


·      Reduce initial pain and swelling

·      Get you back on your feet faster

·      Address any potential biomechanical deficits

·      Address neuromuscular insufficiencies

·      Restore and improve strength and power


Having worked at the highest levels of sport, we understand that one of the biggest risk factors of a muscle strain is a previous muscle strain. Our physiotherapists will strive to make sure that once you have an injury that you will not sustain another one in the future. 




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