Sports Injuries

Sport injuries generally occur from overuse, direct impact or an exertion of force greater that what the body part can withstand.


They can include:


·      Ligament Sprains

·      Muscle Strains/Tears

·      Joint Injuries

·      Fractures

·      Tendinopathy


Our therapists have a wide range of experience with the elite and non-elite sporting populations. Having worked at some of the highest codes of sport, we pride ourselves in delivering this service.

Following a sports injury we pride ourselves in giving our clients an:

·      Accurate diagnosis/Timeframe for recovery 

·      Treatment Management Plan

·      Future Injury Prevention Plan


Our physiotherapists have worked with many clubs and organisations. You can be confident that you are in the right hands


·      State of Origin NSW Blues RLFC

·      Sydney Roosters RLFC

·      Newtown Jets RLFC

·      New Zealand Warriors RLFC

·      Indigenous All Stars RLFC

·      Sydney Grammar School






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